Tuesday 18 November 2014

How many times do you have to die before the penny drops?

As a book reviewer I get some of the strangest subject lines in my e-mails, but none usually capture my interest quite like "How many times do you have to die before the penny drops?" I was excited when I finished reading the e-mail and I'm sure you'll be excited too by the end of this post.

The people over at Table 13 Books are giving readers an amazing treat. Every day in November I'll be posting a chapter from E.P.Rose’s new novel; NOVEMBER, Ralph Conway’s Immortal Diary.

The book will be published mid December – so you’ll be getting it before anyone else!

What’s it about?

Ralph Conway is a messed-up master-of-wine.
What with being unable to do his job,
and his girlfriend going on hunger strike,
and everything in the world being so crap,
he concludes that suicide is obviously the sensible option,
so he kills himself,
only to discover that he seems to be immortal.
This is Ralph Conway’s diary, written as the reality of immortality dawns.
You can read the preface now here:  Then come back every day in November to read each new entry in Ralph Conway’s immortal diary which I will also link to in this post for your convenience. Feel free to post comments sharing your thoughts about this title. I'm looking forward to reading it along with you, and then reading what you think. I love this serialization idea! Thank you to Table 13 Ltd, and Panpathic Communications for making it possible.
For more information about E.P.Rose and his books visit: http://www.tablethirteenbooks.com

November. (Please be advised the following posts contain mild adult content).


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