Saturday 28 April 2007

Smart Women Read between the Lines: Reader's Journal by Julie Hellwich & Haley Johnson

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Julie Hellwich brings us a reader's journal which is the best one I have seen and which deserves a place on any womans bookshelf. This spiral bound journal has four main sections, which are: Books Read & Reviewed, Novel Ideas, Books to Read and Lists.

Books Read & Reviewed contains pages in which you can note the titles, whether fact or fiction, page turner or ripper, the author, genre, publisher info, who you want to recommend the books to and notes as well as giving the title a star vote.

Novel Ideas is a section in which to make notes on your favourite authors, passages, plots, characters and of course, ideas for your own novels if you are that way inclined.

Books to Read is for keeping track of titles you want to read. This is brilliant useful since I know all too many readers, myself included, who keep track of this info via favourites, scraps of paper and just about anywhere else you can think of. In this section you write down the title, author, publisher, who recommended it, notes and when and where you plan on reading it. Especially useful for keeping track of your reading goals.

Lists is my favourite section. The following lists are included:
  • Book Tracker: Keep tabs on books lent and borrowed
  • Gift Tracker: Keep tracks of possible book related gifts for family and friends.
  • Book Club Tracker: Book Club selections, future themes and titles.
  • Books About My Favourite Subjects: Self Explanatory
  • Books by My Favourite Authors: Self Explanatory
  • The Fearless World of Books: Read from a New Genre
  • Food & Drink for Thought: Note recipes, food themes and good food to read by
  • Books as Motion Pictures: Rate which is better (I love this section)
  • Smart Women A-Z: A list of amazing women writers.
  • 100 Best Books by Smart Women: A fun way to explore different writers.
  • My Favourite Childhood Books: Self Explanatory
  • My All-Time Favourite Books: Self Explanatory
  • My Favourite Books, Authors & Characters: Self Explanatory
  • My Favourite Book Sources: bookstores, libraries, catalogues and more.
  • Smart Women are Resourceful: Recommended literary websites
  • Favourite Book Review Sources: Self Explanatory
  • Literary Dates: Keep track of book launches, author readings, book releases etc.
  • Literary Connections: Address book just for your literary buddies.

Also included are bookmarks, bookplates and a pocket for keeping slips of paper in.

Great tool for any reader. I love this to bits and it would make a great gift for the female book lovers in your life.

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