Wednesday 2 May 2007

Orphan Love by Nadia Bozak

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Nadia Bozak brings us a dark and brutal novel that assaults the senses. The story revolves around two brilliantly written characters named Bozak and Dave. While Dave is running away from his life, desperate to make a new start, it isn't that simple, not when his past seems to be lurking around every corner. Bozak is also on the run, from something that has filled her with anger and shame and leaves her craving revenge, something which the author entices us with, until the very end.

After their paths cross, the two embark on a journey together in a beat-up canoe. A journey which will test their endurance on many levels and which gives the reader a fresh look at the beautiful and challenging landscape of northern Ontario, and beyond. With just two main characters this book is able to focus on each of them more closely. The reader gets to discover just a little more each time as layers are peeled away. While both Dave and Bozak have deeply saddening stories, it is impossible to feel sorry for them as they both ooze strength and courage that fills the reader with admiration.

I loved so many things about this book. The detail, the well developed characters, and the raw constant emotion that just pours off the page. A very intense read that will keep you guessing right until the last pages. This isn't a book that I will forget anytime soon and I can't wait for Nadia Bozak's second novel.

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