Saturday 28 April 2007

Out of Character by Vanessa Craft

Release date May, 2007.

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Vanessa Craft brings us a wonderfully moving and funny debut novel that is a true joy to read. The main character Emma Gordon, is a journalist who spends much of her time reading books and avoiding the real world. At least that is the view of everyone around her. She is indeed a quiet person but when we learn about her history and the fact that people have a habit of leaving her life as quickly as they enter it, this is not surprising.

One day, while attending an office meeting to brainstorm for new story ideas, the idea is raised of doing an exposé on a gentlemen's club. Emma finds herself volunteering for the job and what follows is a brilliant mix of humour and soul searching as she explores her new life as an exotic dancer, an experience which the author brings to life perfectly.

I imagine Emma believes her worst night at this new job, would be the wonderful display she put on as she gracefully attempted to remove her clothing, only to stumble, fall, and eventually end up with her head in the lap of a client. Imagine her shock as one night, while dancing one of her best dances ever, she looks across the room and meets the eyes of her father. Just how do you handle such a situation?

The book is a wonderful tale of empowerment and independence. At times the character gives off an aura of invincibility which is simply infectious and I found myself connecting to this character right from the first pages. I also found myself not wanting to put the book down, even for a moment, as I was incredibly eager to learn more about her. I loved that additionally the book is about family, bonding and learning to deal with the past and that all of this is mixed in with the grit and humour to make this an unforgettable journey.

I noted in the back of the book, it states that the author is working on a second novel. I desperately hope it is a sequel. This book is a great read!

Author's website: (Includes a great book trailer for this title. Please do check it out).

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