Wednesday 20 January 2010

Spirit's Inspiration - An Archetypical Journey in Short Stories by Jill Thomas. Illustrated by Suzie Hebert Ouellette.

Published by Goldeye Publications

A young girl who travels a path of broken glass, a spirit guide on his own journey of discovery, and a midnight dancer are just three of the characters who are waiting for you to begin your journey within the pages of Spirit's Inspiration. This collection of short stories is inspired by the works of Carl Jung and Caroline Myss. Jill Thomas takes the subject of archetypes and not only simplifies it for the reader but also injects a little fantasy and magic for fun!

Spirit's Inspiration is an incredibly inspiring and thought provoking collection of short stories that are written with a pure child-like innocence and yet carry within them so many positive and encouraging messages.

There were numerous things I liked about this book. The whimsical illustrations created by Suzie Hebert Ouellette, the many quotes which are sprinkled within the pages, and especially the style of writing that ensures that the tales are easily accessible to people of all ages.

The cover of the book promises an architypical journey, but I honestly hadn't known what to expect. I had not anticipated such a journey could be as fun and emotionally charged as it was. With each turn of a page I was treated to a literary delight which caused my mind to race, and heart to warm as the content drew me in. Not only drawing me in but also encouraging me to search deep within myself as I contemplated each story.

I feel this collection belongs on any bookshelf but would especially like to see younger generations encouraged to read it. I believe this book is filled with so many empowering messages that it could only be beneficial. The characters are well written and easy to connect with which was a huge plus for me. All too often in short stories, our introduction to such characters is so fleeting that it's impossible to form a bond with them.

I know that usually when I review short story collections I like to share which were my favourites but that was an impossible task with this title. I don't think there was a single tale that didn't deeply touch me as I read it. This is a great read and I will be making sure this book is never far away as I feel I will be revisiting this one time and again.

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