Friday 11 December 2009

The Best of A Little Joy, A Little Oy/The 10 by Marnie Winston-Macauley

I love day-to-day calendars! Why? How many of us start off with a new calendar hanging proudly on the wall in January, only to turn around one day in August and see that we are apparently still in April? Oh, that's just me? Oh well. I love these little calendars sitting upon my desk, waiting for me to tear away a page at the beginning of each day and now, my days just got better.

A Little Joy, a Little Oy is a calendar that Marnie Winston-Macauley has been putting together for many years now. I have always found it insightful, educational and downright entertaining with it's humour and wisdom. I was thrilled to see that this year, Marnie has released a special 9th edition: The Best of A Little Joy, a Little Oy. On the front of each page, you will find a fact, joke, or even guidance on using yiddish language. On the back, you will find a daily extra which can be a puzzle, a random quote, seasonal sale ideas, cleaning tips and so much more. My favourites are probably the 'on this day in history' facts. I learn so much all the time from these calendars and this one is a definite winner.

The 10 is another calendar by Marnie Winston-Macauley and I have to admit, I love this one. The 10 is filled with sometimes different, sometimes weird, but always entertaining content. From nutty tax deductions to odd phobias, trendy death rituals to nursery rhymes with morbid origins (I only know of one), and even encouragement to create your own fun lists.. it's all here. Again, on the back of each page you will find the daily extras which always encourages me to relax a little each day.

When I was sent these little gems, the generous people over at Andrews McMeel informed me that they had TEN sets for me to give away here on the blog. I am so thrilled about that! So, here is the deal. Please send an email to me with your name, and full mailing address. The first ten people will win a copy of each calendar by Marnie. I look forward to hearing from you. Get sending!

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