Monday 11 May 2009

Guess Who? by A.J. Wood. Illustrated by Mike Jolley & Emma Dodd

Published by Silver Dolphin Books an imprint of Advantage Publishers Group.
Distributed by Raincoast Books

Guess Who is another title in the Amazing Baby changing picture book series.

As with the other title I reviewed, the cover is bright and attention grabbing with a mixture of stimulating designs which encourage discussion between parent and child. A solid book, though, as stated in the other review, the edges lack the same protective coating as the rest of the book which could make the book a little less durable in the mouths of toddlers.

On each page in this book, there is a white silhouette of an animal or object. The accompanying question gives a little clue of what should be there, such as 'who's flying around the flowers?" for a butterfly silhouette. The page has built-in sliders again which cause an insert to pop out of the edge of the page. On that insert is the coloured image of the animal or object in question along with the answer in words. As in the other title, the back of the inserts contain various black and white patterns that can also be a great learning tool.

Great book. The Amazing Baby series is something I definitely recommend.

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