Saturday 18 April 2009

Overcoming Overeating by Jane R. Hirschmann

In Overcoming Overeating, therapists Jane Hischmann and Carol Munter delve into the many patterns (diet/binge, good food/bad food, punishment/reward) that lead to overeating and weight gain. Rather than focus on weight-loss, they offer up a new way of dealing with this situation. Throw all your diet materials out of the window and focus purely and simply on reconnecting with your body while taking control over your own habits and behaviours rather than following the latest 'quick fix' diet fad. Contained within these pages is a step-by-step plan which has been well proven.

Taken from the back of the book:

The authors will show you how to:

Give up dieting forever and discover that you actually eat much less without the pressure of restraints.
Eat from true stomach hunger instead of 'mouth' hunger - the emotional trigger that makes you turn to food even though you're not hungry.
Enjoy the enormous satisfaction of meeting true hunger with the foods you most desire.
Stop overeating and lose weight naturally.
Move beyond your negative preoccupation with eating and weight towards a fuller, more satisfying life.

While talking about my inability to keep weight off when I lose it, this title was recommended and loaned to me. I will admit to being a little uncertain about the idea of 'putting an end to overeating', after all, that's just another way of saying diet isn't it? I am so glad I read this book. Many people who have eating disorders and especially those caught in the vicious diet/binge cycle, will find themselves experiencing frequent 'a-ha' moments as they recognize their eating and thought patterns. I truly felt like this book was a real eye-opener.

There were a few things I especially liked. One is that regardless of what is being discussed in the book, it is communicated in a supportive and non-judgemental way. It is also made clear that this is no quick or magical fix which is refreshing to me. I am so used to reading books that promise a guaranteed result within a set timeframe. This book simply informs the reader that everyone is unique and the timeframe for the results will depend on the individual needs of the reader. I know, I hear your groan from here but if, like me, you have found yourself losing weight regularly only to gain it back and then some.. then what do you have to lose from trying something different? I know that the average reader, like I did, will have frequent questions spring to mind as they read but I found that everything I feared or was nervous about was answered in a clear and reassuring manner.

I greatly enjoyed that this book encourages the reader to be in touch with their body, how to reconnect with your emotions and your hunger/fullness signals. It comes across as a 'back to the basics' kind of book and I like the idea of that. Mostly I loved that it encourages the reader to take responsibility for - and nurture - his/her own body, mind and spirit. I found this book to highly encouraging, inspirational and positive - not to mention empowering. I will be putting the plan into action in the very near future and will update this review after I have done that,. but for now this book definitely gets a big thumbs up!

Website: (site includes links to Overcoming Overeating online support groups hosted on Yahoo).

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