Monday 20 April 2009

How to Behave: A Guide to Modern Manners for the Socially Challenged by Caroline Tiger

Published by Quirk Books
Distributed by Raincoast Books

This book is divided into various environments that you will encounter on a day-to-day basis. It covers Transportation, At the Office, Big City Living, Leisure Time, Dating Love and Sex, and Out on the Town. Caroline Tiger captures so many situations that we can all associate with but rather than being a book on manners for the socially challenged (as the title would suggest) the reader is instead faced with a book on how to deal with rude people.

I find it less a book on etiquette, more a book on how to deal with obnoxious people by being more obnoxious than they are. It's hard to tell whether this book is written tongue in cheek but in some places I would sincerely hope it was. I believe that if one were to follow the advice laid out by the author in much of this book, the situation could (and probably would) escalate to levels that do nothing to resolve the original problem but instead would create new ones.

The main theme of the book seems to be 'an eye for an eye' which, personally, I dislike.

On a plus note, at least the author usually offers two solutions per situation. One is tactful and the other is confrontational. If you are someone who likes to be pro-active in correcting the behaviours of those around you then perhaps this title is for you. I did glean a little information from this title regarding general consideration for those around me but was it worth digging my way through the rest of it? I don't know.

It’s not a book I would read again.

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