Monday 20 April 2009

All We Ever Do Is Talk About Wood by Tom Horacek

Published by Drawn & Quarterly Books
Distributed by Raincoast Books

All We Ever Do Is Talk About Wood contains a variety of cartoons which deal with the darker aspects of life. Death, Insanity, Marriage, and Infidelity are among the many topics covered in these simple yet brilliant drawings.

The back of the book describes the characters in these drawings as having the hydrocephalic proportions of playmobil people and I have to agree. The characters have a definite 'cute' factor and I am a big fan of any book that can add humour to the more negative aspects of life.

My favourite comics in this book are: the Agoraphobics Anonymous meeting (page two of the preview PDF which is linked to below), The mousehole, Josh, and the Broken Leg. This is a smaller book, filled with delightful single panel gags that will entertain and amuse.

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