Monday 11 June 2007

Grapes from the Vine by Judith Lawrence

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Grapes from the Vine is a collection of poetry, written by Judith Lawrence, during times of meditation and contemplation of God. Contained within the pages, are 35 beautiful, heartfelt, descriptive poems which are just so filled with awe, love and positivity that this book is truly a joy to read.

My own personal favourite is Still Centre, which speaks of letting life be quieted, turbulent mind being stilled along with a restless spirit in order that we may journey on, peaceful and unafraid. It is a poem I have read so often already, I know it will always remain with me.

No matter what your religious beliefs are, these poems are an inspiration and provide a calming of the soul. I know that by the time I turned the last page, and read Epiphany, which was written in January 2007 on the occasion of Grapes from the Vine being republished, I longed to find my own sense of peace and search for answers of my own.

The author's faith, love, and adoration are all abundantly clear in this little book, making it a wonderfully uplifting and heartfelt read that you are sure to go back to, often.

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