Saturday 12 May 2007

Change the World For Ten Bucks: 50 Ways to Make a Difference by We Are What We Do Inc.

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Change the World For Ten Bucks is filled with 50 ways to make a difference in the world around you. It sounds simple doesn't it? It is! While bringing ideas that will improve the environment, this book also brings many much needed ideas on how to make life better and brighter for those around us too.

Just imagine what a change it would make if more people were to smile. Getting to know your neighbours and your local store owners. How about thinking before we throw anything out and taking a couple of moments to research online to see if a use can be found for it? There are so many programs in place now for recycling reading glasses, computers and cell phones.

Even something as simple as two steps I have followed since reading this book.
  • Declining plastic bags wherever possible (most stores sell canvas bags for a buck or less these days and Loblaws where I do my groceries, even conveniently places them at the entrance to the store and at the end of each checkout).
  • Taking the time to listen to those around us.
This book has many ideas and even more resources. There is also a contact email address inside to share your own ideas. Each way to make a difference comes with it's own photo or illustration and often with a little wit. It was a fun easy read and while the steps are very simple and obvious, they are often overlooked.

One of the best things about this book also, is it is such a quick and visually stimulating read that it makes a great book for giving to your kids to help them learn something new too.

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