Thursday, 6 September 2018

BLOG TOUR: The Lost Queen by Signe Pike

Published by Touchstone Books an imprint of Simon & Schuster and Simon & Schuster Canada

The Lost Queen is the first novel of a debut trilogy by Signe Pike. A blend of history and fantasy that is built around twins Languoreth and Lailoken with Scotland in the sixth century as a backdrop. Each has a destiny to fulfill. Languoreth is to follow the paths of most princesses in that she is to enter into a marriage based not on love, but on a strategic and political choice that would strengthen alliances.

Both Lail and Languoreth are gifted when it comes to knowing the Wisdom Keeper path but only Lail has the freedom to walk along it. Languoreth struggles to find a way to help her family and follow her dreams. Can she find a way to have it all?

Where do I start with this novel? There is so much to love. As someone born and raised in England who is passionate about the history including the legends of Camelot, King Arthur, and of course Merlin (who is thought to have been inspired by Lail). The book drew me rapidly into the story and the characters are brilliantly crafted and easy to bond with. It was easy to fall in love with one character above all the rest and that's the Lost Queen herself. Languoreth is bold, fearless, and incredibly strong. She has such determination and is a fabulous heroine.

What made this book for me was the obvious level of research. Additionally, while dealing with legends and history around this era, the author brings it to us as a bold and wonderfully original tale. It's part history, part fantasy but fully entertaining and fantastic. This book needs to be on your bookshelf. The only downside? I have to wait for book two to continue this adventure. It's one of my favourite reads in 2018.

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GIVEAWAY (Canada only)

Do you want your very own copy?

Simon & Schuster Canada are providing a copy of this novel to one lucky winner. All you have to do is leave a comment with the name of Signe Pike's first novel. The answer can be found on the author's website.

I loved being part of this blog tour. Do check out the other participants for excerpts, Q&As, and author written pieces. I'll add clickable links to each stop this evening.


DonnyTarin OldMac said...

Faery Tale: One Woman's Search for Enchantment in a Modern World - was her 1st book! Would love to win! on insta and @lostinabook5 on Twitter!! said...

Signe’s first book was called “Faery Tale: One Woman’s Search for Enchantment in a Modern World”!!
This sounds like SUCH AN INCREDIBLE READ!! Thank you, Simon and Schuster and The Literary Word for hosting this amazing giveaway!!!

Charlene Martel said...

It is an amazing book for sure! DonnyTarin you were the first to answer. Please drop me an e-mail or DM me on Twitter. My username is TheLiteraryWord. To both of you, I plan on doing more giveaways so check back often and/or follow me on Twitter.