Saturday 27 July 2013

Bork Reveals the Real Deal about the Facts of Life (For Boys Only!) by Terri Shearer Trenchard

A fun read that guides the reader through the many hurdles and pitfalls that boys (pre-adolescent and adolescent alike) find themselves experiencing when puberty hits, and does so in an empowering, engaging and highly informative way.

How much do you remember about puberty, or the way you were educated about it? For some it involved sex-education classes in school, for others it can be an informative - and sometimes awkward - talk with a parent. For many it's learning from our own experiences and those of our friends. For myself it was being handed an NHS (National Health Service - UK) booklet that was only around 20 pages thick, yet I gave up reading 2-3 pages into it due to extreme boredom and anyone who has ever met me knows I am, and have always been, a voracious reader.

I wasn't sure what I would think about this title when I signed up for the virtual book tour (details at the end of this review). So far the only book I'd really liked for teaching the young about these subjects was It's So Amazing!:  A Book about Eggs, Sperm, Birth, Babies, and Families by Robie H. Harris and illustrated by Michael Emberley. I had to admit though that this book held a great deal of appeal from the beginning. A small format that can be carried around and for those who feel self-conscious reading a book on this subject, it's far more discreet.

When I read through this, I took a liking to it immediately. The author writes candidly, simply, and in such a manner that it's easy to forget you're reading a book and it feels much more like a one-on-one chat with a friend. Sprinkled through the pages are also colourful illustrations by Tracy Councill which I personally love as it makes it appealing to even the most resistant young readers.

Additionally we have Real Deal Action Challenges that encourage the reader to get more hands-on but always in a way that promotes safety. I think one of the things I found most appealing is that it's not meant to replace learning from parents or other trusted adults. While it's highly informative, the author frequently creates opportunities for the reader to approach trusted adults with any thoughts, questions, or concerns and in doing so, provides an opportunity for bonding.

I'm also greatly liking that this book touches on the subjects of peer pressure, and most importantly also encourages the reader to understand that although they will often feel like they are on a roller-coaster ride due to the raging hormones, they should still focus on how they interact with others, and in essence, practice a little self-restraint. One example states: You can FEEL moody, but try not to ACT moody. Short yet memorable.

While it is geared for young readers who are approaching or currently dealing with puberty, I'd highly recommend it to parents, teachers, pediatricians anyone who interacts with children. I'm still astounded that this book packs so much into so few pages.

It's definitely a winning book for me.

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Unknown said...

Dear Charlene,
Thank you for the generous book review. I feel it is such an important topic for parents/ caregivers to discuss with the young men in their lives. And I truly appreciate you sharing my book with your followers. I am so glad that you liked it.

Charlene Martel said...

Thank you for creating such a great book Terri. It's absolutely my pleasure!