Monday 31 December 2012

The Joy of Jewish Humor 2013 Calendar by Marnie Winston-Macauley

Published by Andrews McMeel Publishing

I only really got into page-a-day calendars a couple of years ago. I had always used wall calendars but I am one of those people who gets to October and realizes my wall calendar is still on April. This calendar is probably the only calendar that I choose to review each year without fail and that's because it is one of my favourite products. This one is a page-a-day calendar that stands neatly on the desk, always at hand, and allows me to start my day with learning something new, and almost always funny. It's also very easy to tear off a page each morning as part of my email-checking, hot-beverage-drinking, trying-to-wake-up routine.

Among my favourite features are the Jewish Vs Goyish comparisons. January 1st features a number of examples, one of which is:

Jewish: A time to look at past mistakes and plan changes in the New Year.

Goyish: A time to make resolutions and try to keep them, at least until the Super Bowl.

I also really enjoy the WouldJew Believe pages (informative, entertaining, and fact-filled), Yiddish Curses for the New Millennium (creative and comical), Yiddish Quiz (educational), and Yiddbonics (educational, language). There are so many more categories, and the range is so diverse that regardless of whether it's January or November, you'll never tire of looking at this product. In fact, my biggest problem has always been that I want to read ahead!

A great choice of calendar, and one that I hope to see each year for many years to come. I am always in awe of the fact that the author has advice columns and other writings in various locations on the internet, and so much material in these calendars each year and yet the material is never repetitive. I can only imagine how much research it takes to create this.  I'd also check out her books if you haven't already. I especially like Yiddishe Mamas which you can check out my review of, here.

As with her books, you really don't have to be Jewish to enjoy these calendars.

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