Tuesday 8 March 2011

Sebastian Socks It Away by Lori Mockson & Shirley Chewick. Illustrated by Claire MacDonald

Published by The Original Sock Bank Company Inc.

Sebastian Socks It Away shares the story of a young boy Sebastian and his younger sister Melissa. While at a family gathering, both children are told a story by their aunt. A story in which her mother provided her with a 'Sock Bank' and taught her how to save. When the story ends, Sebastian and Melissa are thrilled to be given a Sock Bank each, along with a shiny new coin to fill it. Money from other aunts, uncles, and chores were added and soon the children want to go and spend their cash. Sebastian struggles while deciding what to spend his hard earned coins on but finally finds the perfect idea!

During a time where it seems like there is an abundance of 'debt relief' books for adults, it's truly wonderful to see a book that is geared at teaching our children how to save at an early age. In a way that is so much fun! Who wouldn't want to save with such a cute little Sock Bank of their very own. I love mine! (Yes, I know, I'm such a big kid!)

What I really love too, is that the Sock Bank is made in Quebec Canada, and assembled in Canada so it's also a perfect gift for those who prefer to support Canadian products. That is something that for me, as a proud Canadian, is very important. A quick google search online will also show that thankfully, it's a growing trend. A well written story, great illustrations and a wickedly cute product make this a winning choice for children everywhere.

Authors' Website: http://theoriginalsockbank.com/

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