Thursday 24 March 2011

The Knot Artist by India Wilson

Published by Lightning Strikes Press

Dominique has it made. A gorgeous property in Bridgehampton and a solid career as the most costly dominatrix on the East Coast. To Dominique, delivering Bondage & Discipline to a stellar set of people, including famous faces from the stage and screen, is an everyday occurrence and she adores it. The adoration, the power, and the crazy amounts of money she makes all make it possible for her to have the life of her dreams. That is, at least until a twist of fate threatens to take it all away.

How many people get the opportunity to tie up, and discipline a senator? Dominique creates a perfect scene for the senator, all planned out with attention payed to every miniscule detail, except for one.. The senator was not supposed to stop breathing. Suddenly Dominique is in over her head and wondering how to handle things, when someone arrives at her door. Reynolds, a top security person for many VIPs, barges into her home and dungeon, and takes care of the problem. After all, it wouldn't do for a Senator's body to be found in such a place, right?

Dominique soon realizes that life is never going to be the same. Her home is broken into, ransacked as the invaders seek something, but what? Is it connected to the Senator? Used to being in control and independent, Dominique grudgingly accepts Reynolds help to solve the mystery that seems to be unfolding around her and wonders if she will ever get to feel in control of things again.

I really enjoyed this book. It took me a couple of chapters to really get into it as it seemed like there was a little too much scene setting, and the main character, Dominique, wasn't liked by me at first. She seemed too egotistical. Later in the book though, as I got to learn more about her, I understood that it was more confidence than anything and I grew to admire it. As I read further, I really began to like the history of Dominique that was shared, including an abusive childhood. It really gave her a whole new dimension, and a fresh appeal.

What I especially liked about this book with reference to the lifestyle, was the attention to detail. I particularly liked the references to safety, checking on the person regularly, rope tightness and so on. It's not often I see that included in lifestyle fiction and perhaps that's because most people want to delve into the fantasy and leave the dull safety issues behind and out of mind. Personally I'd like to see it more.

Dominique is a wonderfully written character and I adored witnesses the removal of layers throughout the book as she adjusted to everything going on around her. I particularly enjoyed the dynamic between Dominique and Reynolds more than anything else though. I would compare it to watching a well choreographed dance. I am not always so engaged when I am reading about budding relationships but the chemistry between the two characters is so charged that I found myself unable, or unwilling, to look away. I also greatly enjoyed that the story was more developed than just simple BDSM content. I would never have really envisioned a book that part kink novel and part political thriller but in this book, India Wilson really melds the content beautifully into a novel that can tease all the senses.

I am excited to see that this is part of a Trilogy and I can't wait for the next installment - titled The Whipping Girl. I am sure it will be equally as enthralling.

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