Friday 19 February 2010

Wings: A Fairy Tale by E.D. Baker

Published by Bloomsbury Publishing
Distributed by Raincoast Books

Tamisin feels like she is different and doesn't fit in. Don't all teens feel that way? It's not just that she sees weird things that her friends seem oblivious to. Nor is it her pointy ears and freckles that sparkle, though admittedly many people consider her to be a freak because of them. No, what really has Tamisin concerned is the sudden appearance of wings! High school is hard enough without having to deal with such issues.

While her parents don't seem to have a lot of answers - and certainly not answers she really wants to hear, she does find friendship and understanding with the strange new boy, Jak.

Wings was a light and speedy read. Thanks to the wonderfully crafted storyline my attention was captured from the beginning. I found many of the characters to be interesting and creative even if not always likeable. What I liked mostly about Wings is the magical quality of the story. The book is a fun read and I find myself pretty sure of the fact that the author had almost as much fun writing it. Talking unicorns and serpentine women with lisps are just a couple of the creatures found within the pages of this story. It was entertaining, amusing, a whimsical fantasy ride that left me wishing it never had to end. I could easily have read more.

The cover of the book states that the author was inspired by a Midsummer Night's Dream which I have never read but am now highly curious about. I could easily see this as a stepping stone for introducing a tween or teen to shakespeare's works.

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