Friday 5 September 2008

Free Books Update!

I am thrilled that a couple of authors made it possible for me to give away copies of their books.

Here are the offers and details:

Offer 1 (2 sets remaining!)

Diana S. Zimmerman and Noesis Publishing provided FIVE extra copies of the book 'Kandide and the Secret of the Mists', each of which comes with a bookmark and also a hard copy of the magic trick that can be found online here. Five lucky readers will get one of these bundles of goodies. All you have to do is e-mail me at with the answer to the following questions which can be found on Diana’s site
  1. Diana S Zimmerman has many roles in life including that of the World’s Foremost Lady Magician and star of her own HBO TV show. What is the name of the show? (Answer located in About the Author)
  2. What is Lady Aron’s favourite book? (Answer located in Friends and Foes)
  3. In the Garglan Magic Trick there are 10 Garglans at first, how many are there after you click on the screen? (Answer located in the Magic Trick)

Again, the email is The first five people to send me the correct info will be contacted so I can get their mailing info and send their free bundle!

Offer 2 (Down to a Sunless Sea is still up for grabs!)

Mathias B Freese has graciously provided me with signed copies of 2 books. Down to a Sunless Sea (which I recently reviewed and loved), and i Tetralogy (which I will be reviewing soon).

The first person to e-mail me at (please put the title of the book you want in the subject line) will win the signed copy. I will then contact the winner and request mailing info so that I can send the book.

Enjoy, and good luck!

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