Thursday 20 December 2007

Love Sick: One Woman's Journey Through Sexual Addiction by Sue Willam Silverman

lovesick.jpgPublished by W.W. Norton & Company

Love Sick is a deeply moving memoir in which Sue William Silverman shares her experiences in dealing with sexual addiction. She writes candidly about her childhood during which she was sexually abused by her father, and the way those events led to her skewed belief that sex is love. She also talks about her experiences with other men which, naturally, are always of a sexual nature.

We share the journey as she goes to rehabilitation and faces up to the person she was, the person she is, and the person she can be. Often moving and intense, always personal, this memoir is a rare look into one of the least talked about addictions.

Like so many books I have read this year, I couldn't put this one down. The author holds nothing back in this memoir. She speaks from the heart and the reader can't help but hope but silently cheer her on as they read. In rehabilitation she learns so much even though it seems a constant struggle. I hadn't ever given it much thought but her experience in the rehabilitation centre was tough but nurturing as she learned how to relax, how to play games, new coping skills, how to ask for help, how to have platonic relationships with men, and friendships with women.

Mostly though she learns about how to love and respect herself. I was in awe that she was able to share not just her fears, failures, and successes but also her shame, insecurity and vulnerability. The reader can’t help but feel close to the author when reading this story and even now, days after reading it, I still find myself wanting to pick it back up to see if magically, some extra chapters have appeared inside the cover so that I can check in on her. It gave me a whole new respect for anyone who deals with addictions and a whole new insight into aspects of myself that I hadn’t really paid attention to.

A great read!

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