Tuesday 11 December 2007

If You're Afraid of the Dark: Add One More Star to the Night/Remember the Night Rainbow (2-in-1) by Cooper Edens

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Distributed by Raincoast Books

In this 2-in-1 book, the reader is treated to a magical and whimsical look at the world. Whether dealing with emotions, or the every day trials that face us, there is a little pearl of wisdom on each page and an illustration which is sure to bring a smile. Some of you may recognise the title from when the original was published in 1979, for others it may be an unknown. One thing is for certain, this book is a one which will be treasured by the young and old alike.

I loved this book. Both titles are presented in a unique flip-book format. The covers are simple yet eye-catching and sprinkled with shiny silver stars.

The illustrations within the pages are bright and cheery. A perfect match for the positive messages alongside. I love the idea of children reading this when they are young and being inspired to hold on to their imagination and positivity. I love that the lines inspire the reader to think about them, and take away whatever message the reader desires. I can imagine sitting reading and discussing this with a child. A great choice for personal development. My own personal favourite wisdoms (and boy was it hard to choose!) were:

Remember the Night Rainbow:
If you lose a memory... embroider one to take it's place.
If the sun never shines again.. hold fireflies in your hands to keep warm.


Add One More Star to the Night:
If you're at the end of your rope... untie the knot in your heart.
If the sky fills with clouds.. let the rain do your crying for a while.

This book is simply a joy to read and I consider it timeless. I find it hard to imagine a child ever growing too old to enjoy it. It says a lot that at 33, almost 34 years old, I love it and will enjoy it for many years to come.

Great idea for a gift!

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