Saturday 8 December 2007

Fat, Forty, and Fired: One Man's Frank, Funny, and Inspiring Account of Losing His Job and Finding His Life by Nigel Marsh

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Nigel Marsh is about to have his world turned upside down. While recovering from an embarrassing surgery, this stressed husband and father of four was fired from his job. He decides to take some time to rediscover himself and share more quality time with his family. What follows is a frank and honest insight into one man’s experiences with hands-on parenting, training for an ocean swimming race, the battling of alcoholism and the many other issues he must learn to juggle.

This book was a laugh a minute. Even at the most saddest of moments the humour of Nigel Marsh shines through. There were many laugh-out-loud moments as I ventured through the pages but my favourite parts of the book were by far those involving his relationships with the children. In the early days when he rushes to take them to school I found myself both howling with laughter and wanting to give the author an enormous hug. I also found it enlightening as I witnessed the various reactions to his new role in life. It’s amazing how in a world where woman can do anything they choose to, a guy reversing the roles can still seem so abnormal.

Throughout the book, the author shows himself to be full of wit, grace, compassion and many other great qualities. He rises to the multitude of challenges and conquers each, though not always in the way he expects. I am in awe of his fearlessness and determination.

It is a great book. I found it funny, inspiring, honest, brilliant, and a joy to read. It’s a great choice for those seeking a book with a feel-good factor as I was positively glowing by the last page. I love that the author took what could have been a bad situation and rather than let it get him down, turned his life around and took back control. The world could use more books like this one.

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Francesca Thomas said...

Sounds like a good read. Maybe I can find some good ideas on raising kids and finding a good job.

Charlene Martel said...

It's definitely a fun read and it's great to see the author learning more about parenting as he goes along.

One of my favourite moments from the book is where the author is driving along, the kids are driving him crazy in the back of the car and he hits another vehicle. The owner of the other car gets out (another parent) and thanks him for hitting her car. When he looks shocked she explains that she had just finished telling her kids that if they didn't behave they were going to cause her to have an accident. He looks across to her car and there are her children in the back, sitting perfectly straight and well behaved.

That is just one of the many fun little anecdotes he shares.

Jeane said...

It sounds great. Onto the list!!