Tuesday 9 October 2007

The Society of S by Susan Hubbard

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In the Society of S, the author - Susan Hubbard - brings the reader a gripping and intriguing coming-of-age story. The main character, Ariella Montero is a twelve year old with much on her mind. She has been raised and home schooled by her father in Saratoga Springs, New York and as a result she has very little experience in the real world. The only other people she has regular contact with are her father's assistant Dennis, and the cook - Mrs. McG.

Ariella is a very bright girl and as she gets older, she realises that not all is what it seems to be in her family. She has so many questions about her mother but all anyone will tell her is that her mother disappeared soon after the birth. When Mrs. McG notices that Ariella seems to be struggling with something, she invites her to come home with her and meet her children, two of which are Michael and Kathleen. Ariella soon feels like she has found a second family and love is blossoming between Ari and Michael. Sadly, tragedy strikes in the form of murder and Ari finds herself with still more questions and the only way to get the answers she seeks, is to find her mother.

This book was actually pretty surprising. Mention vampire books and I can pretty well guarantee that you think of gothic backgrounds, older times, hypnotic scenes, neck biting, fang wearing people who don't come out until dark. Susan Hubbard totally ignores that vampire image and instead creates an updated version. Vampires who can be out in daylight and who have other options when it comes to feeding.

The characters are all well written. Ariella is especially wonderful, for me at least, as we get to see her develop so much when she leaves her sheltered life and bravely searches for answers that she knows may well end life as she knows it. The other characters are equally well written though I didn't get quite as attached to them, the way I did with Ariella. The writing is great, the story draws the reader in and regardless of how much information the author shares, she leaves the reader begging for more. The attention to detail was pleasing to me too. The author manages to share a wealth of detail without bogging the reader down with it.

I am definitely with the countless others who are waiting for a sequel. Great book, a must for any book lover.

Author's website: http://www.susanhubbard.com/

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