Monday 4 June 2007

Wombat Smith: Vol 1: Wombat Takes on Tasmania by Anne Sautel. Illustrated by Scott Stewart.

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Anne Sautel introduces the reader to Wombat Smith in this book, the first in a series geared towards children of ages 7 and up, which promises to be both fun and informative. Wombat Smith is a cute and cuddly character with a lot of questions.

One day he realises that although his human family is very loving and supportive, something isn't right, they aren't quite the same as he is. During a visit to the local library, he learns about Australia and is excited to learn that other Marsupials, like himself, can be found there.

While his family is very nervous about him taking a trip alone, they support his quest for answers and agree he should visit Australia, and so his adventure begins! Wombat meets many creatures on his journey, and has many experiences which are not all fun. Is he ever going to find a place where he fits in?

I loved so many things about this book. Wombat is an infectious character, who reminded me a little of Michael Bond's Paddington Bear - and he is just as lovable. The reader can't help but feel the thrills, nervousness, excitement and more. It's great the way the author sprinkles cultural information throughout the book, while never losing the element of fun. The deeply expressive illustrations added a lot to this wonderful story also.

I can hardly wait to read the next installment which is titled: Wombat Smith, Vol 2: Beijing Breakaway!

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