Saturday 2 June 2007

Don't Squash That Bug: The Curious Kid's Guide to Insects by Natalie Rompella

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Natalie Rompella brings the world of insects to the reader in a fun and informative way. We learn many things, how to identify an insect, where they can be found, what they feed on and we get to see many beautiful, clear photographic images of various bugs.

There are so many fun and amazing facts like the fact that the goliath beetle is as long as a soda can and is found mostly in the African rainforests. Did you know that you can tell the different species of ladybugs from the numbers and colours of spots they have?

This title is a great book for a parent to sit down and read with their child. Not only does it share so much information but it has a fun guide which shows how to look for bugs in the world around you and how to safely collect them - remembering of course to let them go when you have studied them.

My favourite fact had to be that you can figure out the temperature by listening to certain crickets. If you count the number of chirps in 13 seconds and then add 40 to that number, it will give you the temperature in Fahrenheit.

Don't Squash That Bug is the first book of the Lobster Learners series which encourages children to explore the world around them and see it in a new way. It is recommended for ages 5-7 but whatever your age, I would be surprised if you didn't learn something new from this book.

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