Thursday 31 May 2007

The Sayings of Old Ch'eng: on the nature of original mind translated by Mike Dickman

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This small book is really quite deceptive in that it packs a powerful message within it's pages. At under 50 pages, this book can be read in next to no time but you may also find yourself, like me, spending extra time savouring each message and perhaps even using them as meditation aids.

This book is simply perfect for those readers who are tired of following the various spiritual books and teachers out there. The book sends the message that the only place we can really find the answers we seek, is within ourselves and that we could find it so much easier if we simply stopped looking.

The book shows us that the original mind is something we all have. We just often cannot find it beneath the constant chatter of our minds as we think, plan, worry and so on. While you would think from that, that this is yet another meditation book, it isn't.

I wish I could explain more what this book is about, but I can't. Not because it's difficult to understand but because what I get from it, what you get from it and what someone else will get from it will most likely all be very different. So, all I can say is I encourage you to read this little gem of a book for yourselves.

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cloudhand said...

i'm glad you enjoyed it, and thanks, indeed, for the favourable note.

all the best.

mike dickman