Thursday 24 May 2007

Holding My Breath by Sidura Ludwig

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Beth is the only child of Goldie and Saul Levy. At a time when Beth's grandmother is needing to be taken care of, Beth and her parents move into the house which is also shared with two aunts, Carrie and Sarah. What follows is a story of a Jewish family who are dealing with many secrets, tragedies and the usual conflict that occurs between loved ones.

Goldie is very traditional and has long held the dream of living in a large house with four children and being very successful in the community. Sarah is wild and rebellious, choosing to do her own thing, regardless of the consequences and then there is Carrie, quiet, thoughtful and often saddened by the loss of their brother Phil who died during the second world war.

Beth often seems to be walking a tightrope in life as she is alternatively pushed into adulthood and yet still kept sheltered and innocent. She comes across as a really complex character who knows what she wants in life almost from the start but is often unable to reach for it. I loved witnessing her development.

This book is just wonderful, I couldn't put it down. The author writes with a style that pours emotion from the pages to drown the reader. While the content is often saddening, there are many moments that will make your heart spin and churn with excitement, suspense, regret, and at times you will moved to laughter and tears.

I would love to see more about Beth in the future but regardless of whether that happens or not, I know this is definitely not the last we have seen of Sidura Ludwig.

One of my favourite novels of this year.

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