Friday 4 May 2007

The Distance Travelled: A Little Slice of Heaven by Brett Alexander Savory and Gord Zajac

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In The Distance Travelled: A Little Slice of Heaven, we get to follow along as the main character 'Stu' goes on a bizarre journey. It all starts when he is in his home and receives a visit from a cat who wants to lead him somewhere. After wandering through a door he ends up at a huge house which is over-run with rabbits, a house with a totally unexpected and unbelievable owner.

Just when Stu thinks things cannot possibly become anymore strange, they innevitably do. This is a weird mix that reminds me of Alice down the Rabbit Hole but way more fun and definitely far more bizzare. This tale, short though it is - it's a chapbook - leads the reader on a wonderful mix of humour and food for thought. It really got my imagination going, that's for sure.

I think what surprised me about this book was that mixed in with everything else there are moments where the craziness and fun stops and the reader is hit with pure emotions: regret, sadness, anger and others. I hadn't expected that a story this small would have so large an impact.

It is the sequel to The Distance Travelled, also by Brett Alexander Savory but even if you haven't read the first book - like me - don't let that stop you from exploring and enjoying this wicked little book. At under 40 pages it's a very quick read.

A fun and different read. My first experience with chapbooks and definitely not my last.

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