Friday 6 April 2007

Wiped! Life with a Pint-Size Dictator by Rebecca Eckler

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The author of 'Knocked Up: Confessions of a Hip Mother-to-be' brings us a hilarious account of the first two years of life with a child. Rebecca Eckler guides the reader through the joys and stresses of being a first time mom and does so with a perfect mix of wit and heartwarming moments which bring tears to the eyes.

The book covers the sleeping problems, teething troubles, weaning, terrible twos and so much more but what I loved most was the journey of discovery. Babies have a huge impact on our lives and the author's outlook constantly evolves through the pages.

I would seriously recommend buying this for any new mom or mom-to-be. It's like the 'everything you wanted to know but were afraid to ask' book of the parenting world. I loved the layout. The book is divided into trimesters and written as journal entries. The end of each trimester includes a list of 'Mommy moments which people 'forgot' to mention'.

When I had my daughter, I remember being constantly concerned I was doing something wrong or thinking I was a bad mother if I accidentally bumped the baby somehow. (These things DO and WILL happen!) We never seem able to express these fears out loud but Rebecca Eckler does exactly that and brings us the message that we aren't alone.

This book will also leave you longing for more which in this case is just fine as Rebecca Eckler has a blog where you can continue the journey with her.

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