Tuesday 10 April 2007

Winterton Blue by Trezza Azzopardi

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Trezza Azzopardi brings us two wonderfully written and complex main characters. Lewis and Anna are both trying to deal with fears and events which haunt them. For Lewis, trouble began when he was in the back of a stolen car which was driven by Carl, the bad-seed who had befriended Lewis's younger brother. Tragedy struck and from that moment Lewis has been fighting his inner demons and trying to put things right.

While Lewis is struggling with his past and present, Anna is having issues with her present and future. Her mother 'Rita' is driving her crazy. Rita herself is a larger than life 76 year old character who is very flirtatious and outspoken much to Anna's dismay. She runs a movie-themed guest house which only has one paying guest for the most part - a dramatic character known as Vernon Savoy (aka cabbage) who was once very famous and had a ventriloquist act with a stuttering dummy. Vernon is a thorn in Anna's side almost from the start and her biggest fear is that he may one day become her stepfather.

Lewis and Anna cross paths in the most unexpected of ways and find in each other a kindred spirit. What follows is a greatly moving mix of love, mystery and thrills which grabs the reader from the start and refuses to let go.

Azzopardi has a delightful way with words and divine descriptions. The characters are so vivid they practically leap off the page and the plot is a brilliant and emotional rollercoaster ride. I haven't read anything else by this author yet but I am sure that will change as I found a great deal to like about this book.

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