Monday 16 April 2007

From My Side of the Table by Tammy Benlolo

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Tammy Benlolo brings us a book that makes it impossible to ever view the dining out experience the same way again. With a wonderful mix of stories, experiences may be a better word, Tammy gives us a glimpse into the worlds of those around us, and most especially those who are often under-appreciated - the servers.

I loved that this book gives an insight into how behaviours differ based on cultural background and age through some fun lists at the end. I love that the author could gain so much from observing people and that in itself inspires me to be more aware of everyone around me. I also enjoyed the peek behind the kitchen doors where the reader gets to see how the staff interact too.

This book takes us through a range of emotions as we get to play voyeur in these daily interactions she chooses to share. My favourite had to be a wonderfully considerate customer who while witnessing Tammy dealing with another table, as well as his, leaves her an extra large tip, assuming (correctly) that the other table would fail to show their appreciation. Such consideration, sadly, in this day and age is becoming all too rare.

This book is a joy to read and a wake-up call which shows that we all have something to learn about being more observant, not taking people for granted and especially, how to be more appreciative.

Great little book!

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