Sunday 22 April 2007

The Celtic Way of Seeing: Meditations on the Irish Spirit Wheel by Frank MacEowen

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In The Celtic Way of Seeing, Frank MacEowen brings us a book that is a joy to read. It is a blend of myth and modern insight which brings the subject of meditation and self-discovery to life in a fantastic way. Whatever your spiritual tastes, this book has much to teach the reader, both by reading and the following of included meditations and exercises. It also includes very moving examples of the wheel at work from workshops and retreats that the author leads.

It is based on the Irish Spirit Wheel which is formed of the four directions -- North, South, East and West along with a Center. The author explains the qualities associated with these, which include:
  • North: battle, informed warriorship, addiction, and the magic of conflict for transformation.
  • South: music and art, sensuality, rhythms of nature, and the music and power of flowing water and waterfalls.
  • East: hospitality for oneself and others, and generosity.
  • West: knowledge and learning, longing for knowledge, and counsel and vision.
  • Center: integrating these directions and finding sovereignty and wholeness.
Through the use of the history, myth, meditations, exercises and brilliantly inspiring questions for contemplation, the author helps us to discover the wheel and how to incorporate it into our daily lives for not only self discovery and spiritual enlightenment but also everyday problem solving and, my favourite aspect, how to become more in tune with the earth and all the sacred others that inhabit it.

Do you find yourself feeling so much more at peace with life when near the sounds of babbling/falling water? How about when you are going about your day and when you notice the beauty of your surroundings, you feel your spirit starting to soar? So many of these things came naturally to me, as they do to countless of us, but in this book I found so many answers as to why they affected me so much. It's surprising how much of this we actually do without realising consciously.

This is a brilliant book. I loved it and it is one that will be remaining close at hand for reference often as I practice this method. I found it easy to understand and I liked the way he describes the wheel as a map of the soul. It's a remarkably simple concept though the journey itself for each reader, will involve a great deal of self-exploration and honesty which is never easy. It is one of those books that encourages the reader to take all they have read and decide for themselves which parts are relevant for their own lives.

Well worth the read

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