Thursday 12 April 2007

Be the Change: Your Guide to Freeing Slaves and Changing the World by Zach Hunter

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Be the Change is probably one of the most inspiring books that you can read. It's definitely one that after reading, I would recommend for any parent to read and give to their teen. Zach Hunter, the author of this book, is 15 years old and shows us that there is truth in the saying "age is but a number". At 15 years old, he shows an astonishing level of maturity, conviction, faith and passion and he is out to teach everyone that the world can be changed and that his generation can be the ones to do it.

This book is well laid out. It has a seemingly infinite amount of inspirational quotes from both influential people (be it past or present) and the Bible, and each chapter has a section at the end for discussion and contemplation of the content. Zach, with faith that is a very strong and wonderful part of his personality has naturally geared this book towards the Christian community but I would recommend it for people from all walks of life. The message within this book's pages is of great importance, not just to teens and twenties but for any age.

I myself am 33 years old and I came away from this book with a distinct feeling of awe that this young man has grasped simple ideas and concepts that many older people just never have. It's one of those books which makes you want to be a better person, which changes your life in an undeniable way and makes you really take a good long look at the important things in life.

Even if getting involved with Freeing Slaves and similar causes is not your thing, there is one message that cannot be denied. The younger generations learn by example and for that reason alone, it's up to my generation and older ones to stop teaching our children to be so passive when it comes to the many issues of this planet.

This is an excellent book and one that everyone should read.

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