Thursday 22 March 2007

Wicked Ties by Shayla Black

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When a stalker ratchets up his attempts to get to her, cable sex talk show host Morgan O'Malley turns to Jack Cole-a self-proclaimed dominant- for help. Though Jack is a bodyguard, Morgan feels anything but safe in his presence. Because slowly and seductively, Jack is bringing her deepest fantasies to the surface. And when he bends her to his will, what's more shocking than her surrender is how much she enjoys it and how she starts to crave his masterful touch. A willing player in Jack's games, Morgan knows that his motives aren't pure. But she has no idea how personal they are.

This book is a sizzling masterpiece. While researching for her cable talk show "Turn Me On", Morgan joins the irresistible Master J for an interview. Little does she know that her stalker has followed her and is set on taking her life. Master J saves her life in more ways than one as he sweeps her away to a safe place and releases the submissive inside of her.

With sexual scenes that will leave your mouth watering and thrilling moments of suspense which leave your heart pounding, this book is a brilliant read. I realised more than a few times as I read along, that I had unknowingly been holding my breath to see what happened next. Every time I thought the book couldn't get any better, it did.

I used to inhale books with kink in them but started to avoid them since they are often disappointing or worse, feeding to the negative or false stereotypes of the alternative lifestyle known as BDSM. This one was a wonderful exception with deliciously tantalising detail and an emotional accuracy that is incredible.

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