Wednesday 28 February 2007

Stories from Nauru by Ben Bam Solomon and others.

Published by the USP (University of the South Pacific) Centre of Nauru.

Excerpted from the book's foreword:

The stories in this collection were written by participants of a workshop on Creative Writing and Drama in Nauru in 1990. Most participants were Nauruans. It was published by the USP (University of the South Pacific) Centre of Nauru.

May these stories bring
satisfaction to those who read them
inspiration to those who write them
joy and hope to those who hear them.

May the readers, writers, and listeners
be motivated to add to this collection
to record, retell and recreate
the richness of Nauruan folklore.

May the future generations of Nauruans
be inspired to build pride in this collection
to capture the essence of hidden talents
to explore the music, dances, paintings and many tales
of a unique existence
revealing the beauty of this small island nation

This was an intruiging little book. It's next to impossible to get hold of but I had the opportunity of reading a copy during a bookcrossing bookring. I am glad I did. I adore learning of other cultures and my only flaw with this book was that the twenty pages were just not enough. I wanted more.

These are simple and yet vivid little stories which vary from giving a glimpse into the past and mythical side of Nauru, through to the present problems they have. I loved seeing all of it and hope that we see much more from this place.

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