Sunday 22 October 2006

The Faery Reel - Tales from the Twilight Realm Edited by Ellen Datlow & Terri Windling

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A stunning new anthology by the acclaimed Ellen Datlow and Terri Windling.

Faeries, or creatures like them, can be found in almost every culture the world over — benevolent and terrifying, charming and exasperating, shifting shape from country to country, story to story, and moment to moment. In The Faery Reel, Ellen Datlow and Terri Windling have asked some of today's best fantasists for short stories and poems that draw on the great wealth of world faery lore and classic faery literature, and update the old tales, or shine a bold new light on the old. This companion to the World Fantasy Award winner The Green Man is unique, provocative, and thoroughly magical — like the faeries themselves.

This is a book that takes everything you think you know, and turns it all upside down. (In a good way!) I had bought this with the expectation of it consisting of stories filled with happy endings and fairies as we grow up believing them to be. Happy and friendly little creatures.

Having read this book, all I can say is wow! It gives a complete new perspective about the world of fae and though it definitely isn't a book you can sit and read in one go (or at least, I couldn't) it is one you will go back to until you finish it because your curiosity just has to be satisfied.

My favourite tale is one by Jeffrey Ford titled the Annals of Eelin Ok. A tale of little folks who don't come into existence until they find the perfect sand castle to reside in and then they are able to be born and their lives last as long as the sand castle stands. It's a wonderfully enchanting tale, as are many in this book.

This book was also nominated for the SFWA Nebula Award in 2005.

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