Monday 4 September 2006

The Book of Bright Ideas by Sandra Kring

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I adored this book. It took me a short time to read it since I couldn't put it down.

I think a huge part of the charm was the main characters being two little girls and the book is very much written as if by one of those girls. Evelyn. I loved that the wording was often the style used by small children and was positively grinning as words like bestest sprang out.

It's a story of a small town in which many of the characters from that town are changed in monumental ways thanks to the arrival of a young girl and her older sister. Despite all the negativity directed at the newcomers (gossip etc) they make the town their home and soon become like family.

It was an intruiging book and the last few chapters were so full of twists and surprises. (though to be fair, I had seen one of them coming but not in the way it happened)

All in all, it was a heartwarming book, definitely a feel good book and many of the bright ideas included in the book can remind us of the important stuff in life. A memorable scene for me (and definitely my favourite) was the female characters getting together after a thunderstorm and dancing naked in the rain after a lot of bonding. The energy just flew from the pages at that point.

I will be looking for Sandra Kring's book "Carry Me Home" at some point but I desperately hope she writes more with the characters from this book. They all touched my heart deeply.

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