Saturday, 11 August 2007

The Geist Atlas of Canada: Meat Maps and Other Strange Cartographies compiled by Melissa Edwards

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The Geist Atlas of Canada is a collection of full-colour maps with a difference. Each map has a special theme and only places which fall into that theme are included. Among my favourites are:

The Conflict Map of Canada: Push and Be Damned Rapids, Argue, and Bombproof Island.

The Spooky Map of Canada: Terrified Rocks, Lac Dracula, Killoween, Lac Gremlin, Crypt Falls, and Bugaboo Park.

The Canadian Map of Nicknames: Montréal aka Sin City, Vancouver aka Terminal City, Kamloops aka Camel Lips, Calgary aka Cowtown, Saskatoon aka Toontown, and close to where I live is Chicoutimi aka Blueberry.

The Fairy Tale Map of Canada: featuring Anderson Narrows, Looking Glass Pond, Snow White Mountain, Sleeping Beauty Mountain, Gingerbread Creek, Lac Hansel, Witch Cove, Goldilocks Lake, and Troll Falls.

Of course, I have to mention the Literary Map of Canada: Dickens Point, Browning, Conrad, Othello, Carroll, Shakespeare, Atwood, Ivanhoe, and Kipling.

The Gay Map of Canada: Drag River, Lac Lez, Mercury Rock, Transition Bay, Bents, Biville, and Butch Bank.

The Erotic Map of Canada: Nymph Point, Moan Creek, Spankie Lake, Mount Dominant, Climax, Cumaway Creek, Lac Latex, Spread Eagle, and Sodom Lake.

These maps, and many more, make for an interesting reading experience whether alone or with friends. It's the perfect book for those who usually avoid geography like the plague, and for travel lovers like myself it's a fantastic resource to find unusual places to visit. On each page there are also some explanations for how places got their names which I liked learning from.

In the back of the book, not only is each place indexed but there are some appendixes such as: Almost Maps: Maps that haven't been made yet since there haven't been enough appropriate names found. - Looking for something to do in winter? Pull out a Canadian Atlas and get hunting!, and Demonyms: What are you called when you live there? For example, Bellevillians come from Belleville, Lakeheaders come from Thunder Bay, Abstainers come from Stainer, Moose Javians come from Moose Jaw, and Egg Monsters come from Egmont.

I found this book to be very entertaining and my husband got a few laughs from it also.

Some of the maps can be seen at the Geist website:


Historia said...

OOOOH I LOVE Maps. Gotta get me this atlas. If I can find it.
The website was very interesting. Thanks for the great Review.


Charlene Martel said...

I never really got into maps but I think I could easily start after reading this. It was definitely fun. I hope you can find it. I included the publisher link at the top of the review also, so people can buy direct from the publisher if they want to.